Glittery Dictionary Traditional German Paper Ornament



Approximately 2.5″ * 1″

Tradition is important to me during the holidays. Years ago my aunt began the tradition of giving all my cousin’s and I Christmas ornaments, and I took the tradition and began to make ornaments for my family from the pages of dictionaries that I found in the trash!

Not wanting these beautiful and once lived books to just go to waste, I decided instead to give them a new life for them to be admired for years to come. And what better a way of carrying on with tradition than using a traditional German ornament pattern.

Not only are these a delight during the holidays, they can give an element, classy look to your space and is a unique conversation starter.

Each ornament is crafted by hand following a traditional German method and accented with your choice of a glitter glue of my own creation that is designed specifically not to shed glitter everywhere. The exquisite ornaments are then given a handmade tassel and a loop to hang it from.

If you want a specific colour, please list it in the comments section of your order and I will attempt to accommodate your request, otherwise a champaign gold colour will be used.

Due to the nature of the materials and the making methods, no two ornaments are exactly alike and may not look identical to those pictured.